Strolling Attractions & Entertainment


Strolling Attractions have always been very popular at fairs and festivals. Bring the entertainment to your patrons as they walk or wait in line. Strolling entertianment is the perfect cure for those long line blues.


Izzie The Fairy
& Glitter The Dragon

Bring your guests imaginations to life.  Izzie The Fairy strolls around the grounds on Glitter The Dragon performing storytelling and free fantastic face painting.  This strolling act is highly visual and colorful and they bring your patrons lots of fun and laughter.

Rusty Gears
the Robot Entertainer

Rusty Gears is far too dynamic to call a mere “robot”. This robot has personality! He amazes people with his hilarious, interactive conversation and more!

Stilt Walking By Zakari

Towering nine feet tall Zakari will be hard to miss at your event.  With his many different costumes, you never know if he will appear as  Uncle Sam, a cowboy, a scarecrow or a pirate.  When he has his balloon apron everyone is in for a special treat.  Zakari twist balloons into wonderful works of arts and then gives them to children of all ages.  Stilt Walking by Zakari is fun, entertaining, visual, interactive and a real crowd pleaser.



The Texas Farm Dog



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