Step back to the time of the dinosaurs in his fun family show. Not only do audiences get to see life like dinosaurs in ACTION, they also have the opportunity to touch, and interact with them throughout the show.

The host Miss Kala opens the show with an introduction that sends the audience back in time. Following, they learn about various fossils that introduce our dinosaurs:

  • Terry - the talking, comical Pterodactyl

  • Jack - our 2 month old Brontosaurus

  • Sarah - our new born Triceratops

  • Lucy - 5 year old full grown Velociraptor

  • Sparky - 2 year old T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex)

Plus presentation of actual…

  • Fossil claw from Baryonyx

  • Skull from Coelophysis

  • Foot print of Ornithopod

  • Egg from Triceratops

  • Tooth from Megalodon

  • Tooth from Tyrannosaurus Rex


  • 50x50 ft level area

  • Two 30 or 50 amp electrical service, no more than 100 ft from show area

  • provide seating for audience

  • space for camper trailer, 30 amp service and water connection

Call or message Artists and Attractions for booking information.