Rusty Gears the Robot Entertainer

Rusty Gears the Robot Entertainer

Rusty Gears is far too dynamic to call a mere “robot”. This robot has personality! He amazes people with his hilarious, interactive conversation and more!  

MOBILITY: He’s fast! Possessing the ability to move at the speed of a brisk walk, he can maneuver with amazing precision anywhere that is hard surfaced and handicap assessable.

DEXTERITY: With a head that spins 360 degrees and a full range of arm movements he interacts with his environment. Giving handshakes & hugs is his specialty. The overall effect is a “live” machine with heart, soul & charm! 

DESIGN: Made to fascinate, educate & entertain. His sleek looks and flashing lights only enhance his charming appeal. People are definitely “inclined to his design”.

USER-FRIENDLY: You can hear it in his voice. He loves people and it shows in everything he does. Kids find him ‘huggable’. 


MUSIC: With a clear stereo sound system he uses music and sound effects to add emotion, excitement and comedy to his appearances. 

COMMUNICATION: His voice system is designed to be heard loud & clear and will adjust itself according to the size of the crowd. 

PROGRAMMABLE: Rusty’s custom LED sign can display any message you want fair goers to know; including sponsorship information. 

DISTRIBUTION: Free concert tickets to brochures, from maps to business cards, can be distributed through a slot in Rusty's body. Any item up to legal size. 

EXCITEMENT: People of all ages are amazed as he charms & entertains. Lets face it…with his incredible personality, sophisticated sound system and impressive technological abilities he’ll be the center of attention at your fair or event! 

TRANSPORTATION: He travels in a specially equipped trailer.  

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