Tumbleweed Crossing

TUMBLEWEED CROSSING is an award winning comedy wild west gunfight stunt show.

Bring the Laughter and excitement of our major amusement park shows to your event with "Tumbleweed Crossing", our Award Winning COMEDY WILD WEST GUNFIGHT STUNT SHOW complete with traveling, authentic, WILD WEST TOWN set! Tumbleweed Crossing is now available for performances at major fairs and events nationwide. 

The foot print and performance area necessary for our show is:
 46' wide and 30' deep.

Tumbleweed Crossing will take you on a ZANY trip back to the WILD WEST where laughs fl y like bullets and hilarity is the law of the land! All shows are audience interactive, family friendly, crowd pleasing COMEDIES for young and old alike.

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